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Making The Entire Solana NFT Ecosystem Carbon-Negative

Every NFT transaction will produce twice as much energy as it consumes while also reclaiming twice as much Co2 as it produces

Are you a creator?

Get the POWERED BY APE ENERGY badge + much more.

Are you a collector?

Stake Ape Energy NFTs and earn 50% of our revenue as a wage for the work of staking your NFT.


Ape Energy Labs is making a positive impact on the world. We are striving to make Solana NFTs carbon-negative. Through Partnerships with green energy producers, Carbon reclamation companies and reforestation projects across the globe, we will erase the carbon footprint of Solana NFT transactions. For every transaction we will produce twice as much energy as it uses and reclaim twice as much Co2 as it produces.

Creators who want their carbon footprint to be offset by Ape Energy can partner with us by purchasing our POWERED BY APE ENERGY badge, which comes with a host of benefits for their project. 

Carbon-Neutral Is Old News

We aren’t just trying to prevent environmental harm. We want every NFT transaction to help the environment.

Stopping the Environmental Criticism of NFTs

Social media has become a battleground between NFT enthusiasts and environmental activists. We don’t need to compromise the planet to enjoy the NFT market, and Ape Energy Labs is the one-stop solution to this problem.


We will plant one mangrove tree for every 100 NFTs in a collection. The average mangrove tree will absorb 310,000 grams of Co2 over its lifetime . To supplement additional carbon reclamation we will be investing in projects throughout the world. These projects are registered with their governments and can provide proof of carbon reclamation and will award our investments with documents showing how much carbon has been captured. The renewable energy will come from investments in similar projects that are registered with local governments and can provide documents showing our energy production. We monitor secondary transactions in order to ensure our badged projects remain carbon negative.We post on discord how much Co2 reclamation , trees planted and energy produced we have and will never allocate beyond or level of production



Ape Energy Labs is a collection of 579

 NFT passes granting holders the ability to earn a wage by staking their NFTs. Holders of Ape Energy Labs won’t need to wait long to start staking.  After launch, you will be able to stake your NFTs to start earning Solana. Yes, you read that right. You won’t earn a worthless coin. You will earn Solana.


For the work of staking their NFTs, holders can earn a wage from two revenue sources:

  • 50% of revenue from our badge partnerships

  • 50% of revenue from our corporate partnerships


There are two burn mechanics for Ape Energy Labs.

  • In order to receive the POWERED BY APE ENERGY badge, creators will need to purchase and burn an Ape Energy Labs NFT. They will also pay a fee of Solana, 50% of which will go to stakers of Ape Energy Labs.


  • 50% of royalties will be used to sweep Ape Energy Labs NFTs and burn them on behalf of creators listing their NFT projects on partnered Launchpads



Tiers and Details

There are seven tiers of rarity in our collection. The rarer your NFT is, the more you can earn by staking it. 

Ape Energy Labs - Hydro Gif.gif


Supply: 181
Sharing 15% of revenue

Ape Energy Labs - Lunar Gif.gif


Supply: 147
Sharing 15% of revenue

Ape Energy Labs - Bio Gif.gif


Supply: 104
Sharing 15% of revenue

Ape Energy Labs - Plasma Gif.gif


Supply: 72
Sharing 15% of revenue

Ape Energy Labs - Wind Gif.gif


Supply: 53
Sharing 15% of revenue

Ape Energy Labs - Solar Gif.gif


Supply: 21

Sharing 15% of revenue

Ape Energy Labs - Solana Gif.gif


Supply: 1

Sharing 5% of revenue



If you are a creator, make your NFT project stand out as carbon-negative. Every transaction, including the creation of your candy machine, mints, and trades on the secondary market, will produce twice the amount of energy consumed.


Collection Size: 1-499 NFTs

$50 paid in SOL

+ own 1 Ape Energy Labs NFT to be burned

Collection Size: 500-2499 NFTs

$75 paid in SOL

+ own 1 Ape Energy Labs NFT to be burned

Collection Size: 2500-4999 NFTs

$125 paid in SOL

+ own 1 Ape Energy Labs NFT to be burned

Collection Size: 5000+ NFTs

$175 Paid in SOL

+ own 1 Ape Energy Labs NFT to be burned



Carbon-negative Candy Machine creation

Carbon-negative Mints

Carbon-negative transactions on secondary marketplaces

Partnership Tweet

Partnership Discord Announcement

Features in our DAO’s alpha chat. Ac

Your project listed on our website as carbon-negative

Two custom Twitter banners

Do you want your entire Solana Dapp to be carbon negative?


Contact the Ape Energy team

+ own 1 Ape Energy Labs NFT to be burned

Contact us on Twitter to get your badge.




Thursday, March 17th, 2022 at 8:00 PM UTC

Launch Ape Energy Labs NFT collection


Invest funds with our carbon offsetting partnerships to provide certificates of energy production, carbon reclamation and reforestation


Begin making the Solana NFT market carbon-negative through partnership badge distribution. This is our primary objective. We want to make partnerships with Ape Energy the standard for every NFT collection launched on Solana, and soon, other blockchains as well.


ApeEnergyDAO launches with alpha chat to discuss projects that partner with us to go green, providing additional value to holders and creators.


Staking Begins



The first monthly wages are sent to stakers .Solana wages will be send on a monthly basis to members that have their Ape Energy Labs NFT staked


 After Supply Diminishes

Once the supply has been burned from 579 NFTs to 100 NFTs through our two burning mechanics, Ape Energy Labs Gen 2 will launch so that more projects can be carbon negative. Every holder of an Ape Energy Labs Gen 1 NFT will be airdropped a free Gen 2 NFT. The mint price of Gen 2 will be equal to the floor price of Gen 1 so that the value of Gen 1 is not negatively impacted.



Ape Energy Labs - Wind Gif.gif


Project Founder

Tical has been a marine conservation pioneer for the last seven years. He founded turtle protection initiatives in Mexico and Central America. He also founded shark protection initiatives in the Caribbean and remote islands throughout the Pacific. Tical became interested in NFTs in the early days of Solana. Though Solana’s carbon footprint is significantly lower than its greatest competitor, Ethereum, there is still a substantial carbon footprint across the tens of millions of Solana transactions that happen annually. Tical, in collaboration with other environmentalists, founded Ape Energy Labs to make the entire Solana NFT market carbon negative.

Ape Energy Labs - Lunar Gif.gif


Renewable Energy Expert and Advisor

Tomats has been working in the renewable energy industry for two decades. He has engineered large-scale wind and solar power projects. He was one of the first green energy advocates to deliver renewable energies to remote destinations. He is the chief advisor to the Ape Energy Labs team regarding renewable energy technologies and deployment.

Ape Energy Labs - Hydro Gif.gif


Head of  Acquisitions and Restoration

Olive’s background is in zoning law and ordinance compliance, geographic information systems. She’s been involved in many projects focused on land rights and usage. She is leading the brokerage of carbon offsetting, including legal compliance.

Ape Energy Labs - Bio Gif.gif


Head of Sales

Curly’s background is in enterprise sales with an emphasis on deployment success. She will be in charge of badge distribution and corporate partnerships.

Ape Energy Labs - Plasma Gif.gif


Community Manager

Mr.Velone brings his legal and project management experience to Ape Energy labs as our Community Manager. Mr. Velone has years of Crypto experience and Is always engaged with the community. He will be managing the Ape Energy Labs community on Discord, the moderator team, and our live  chat support 

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